Maintenance 2017.01

Photos 2017.01

Final drive – trike takeoff.
New drive shaft.
Changed final drive oil.
New rear rotor.
New rear brakes.
Brake fluid change.
Clutch fluid change.
Oil change.
New lug nuts on rear wheel.
New front tire.
Valve shims changed – all were somewhat tight.  Tried Hot Cams Shim Kit 7.48mm.  Also used a few of friend’s Honda shims.  Hot Cams measured 0.001 and 0.002 mm high sometimes.  Honda shims were more accurate but a couple thicker than marked.
New plugs – old ones looked good.  Replaced anyway.

Sold 1999 Suzuki Intruder VL1500LC.  More room in garage now.

Final Drive 2017.01

Photos 2017.01

2nd Final Drive replacement.  First one failed around 75k mi.  With 130k on the bike now and a trip to AK scheduled for 2018, figured I would replace it with another trike take-off drive I had lying around for a few years.  Rear disk was going to need replaced soon too so replacing it at the same time made sense.  While at it I replaced the rear drive shaft with a new one.  Once pulled, the old one had little to no play, probably would have been ok to keep in, but now I know it should be good for another 130k.

Marlinton WV 2016.07

Photos 2016.07

Hwy72, Seneca Rocks, Spruce Knob, Greenbank Observatory, Snowshoe, Rt 39, 60, Hawks Next, Kanawha Falls, 6/2016 Flood Devastated Towns, Rt 39, 20, 15. Greenbriar Bunker closed, Williams River Road closed, various landslides, gravel washouts.  Bought and ate a twinkie then noticed best by date of June 2007.

Pic from Spruce Knob below.