States & Provinces Ridden SOLO as of 2016.05

47 of lower 48 states (no reason to visit ND as yet).
4 Canadian provinces (Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia).
No place ridden just to touch a state or province (multiple trips each with a riding purpose).

All  states ridden on a 2006 Goldwing from October 2008 thru May 2016.  Bought used in 2008.  Personally rode 116,000 to date.  In other words, over 2500 hours or riding time, or if you ride 8 hours a day and average 45mph it would be over a full year of pure riding time.  Bike had 24 k mi on it when I bought it, now has 130,000 mi.  Have gone thru 12 front tires, 14+ rear tires (including punctures), 1 final drive, over 3100 gal of gas, and all the standard maintenance.